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Annual Meeting of the Members – March 19, 2024

The Annual Meeting of the Members and Election for the Seabridge Village Master Association is planned to be held on Tuesday, March 19, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. and held at the Seabridge Villas Clubhouse – 20191 Cape Coral, Huntington Beach.

Please see the attached Notice of Annual Meeting of the Membership. If a quorum of the Members is not met in person or by ballot, it may be necessary to adjourn the Annual Meeting to another date which is very costly to the Association. Please be sure to submit your ballot as soon as it arrives. It’s important to reach the 51% quorum requirement, and try to prevent a second mailing of the ballots, notices and the added cost of the inspector of election. You can expect to recieve the ballot material the week of February 12, 2024. The Notice has also been posted in the Resident Portal.

Thank you.

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2024 Assessments

The Annual Budget Report and Policy Statement for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2024, which includes the approved budget and other important disclosures should be received by Homeowners by November 30, 2023.

Each year the Association’s volunteer Board of Directors and management company perform a careful review of the past year’s expenses and future anticipated expenditures to project the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget includes projected revenue (which primarily consists of assessments), operating expenses and reserve contributions.

Operating expenses include routine expenditures such as utilities, recurring maintenance contracts and services, insurance, and other required general and administrative services. The major increases to the operating budget this upcoming fiscal year were a result of the following:

  • A 13% increase in telephone and internet for gate houses
  • A 5% increase in the landscape maintenance contract
  • A 36% increase in reserve funding

The Association must also contribute to its reserves, which fund the repair and replacement of the major common area components that the Association is obligated to maintain, such as pavement, gate houses and equipment, tennis courts and lighting. The Association is required to have a reserve study performed, which lists all of the major components, their estimated useful life, and anticipated cost for replacement. The Board incorporates the funding recommendation from the reserve study into the reserve portion of the budget in order to ensure there are sufficient funds to maintain, repair or replace the common area components when it is time to do so. The reserve contribution increased 36% for the upcoming fiscal year due to anticipated increased costs of repair/replacement due to inflation, inclusion of components that were not included prior, etc.

In order to meet anticipated operating expenses, adequately fund the reserves, and properly maintain the common areas in a manner that enhances property values for all homeowners, the Board of Directors has determined that an increase is required to responsibly meet the Association’s financial needs in the upcoming fiscal year.

Please note that effective January 1, 2024, your new assessment will be $82.00 per month.

If you utilize bill pay through your financial institution, please make sure to update the payment amount as of January 1, 2024, as this will not be done automatically.  If you have automatic payments set up through Action Property Management (Revo), the assessment amount will automatically be updated and no action is required on your part.

2024 Assessments

Homeowners will be receiving the Annual Budget and Policy Statement by mail or email by November 30, 2023. A copy is also available on the Resident Portal (www.actionlife.com). The assessments have been increased from $75.51 to $82.00 beginning January 1, 2024.

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