Know the Difference: Seabridge Village Master and sub-Associations

Posted By on May 30, 2023

The Seabridge Village Master Association is comprised of two sub-associations; Seabridge Villas and Seabridge Village. All three Association has their own set of Board of Directors, and Governing Documents, as well as monthly Assessments. Everyone that owns a home at a sub-association is a member of the Seabridge Village Master Association. The following is a description of the differences in responsibility for each Association.

Seabridge Village Master – The Master Association is responsible for the following areas and amenities only;

  • Vehicle Gates- The Master Association is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the vehicle gates located at the main gate entrances (at Adams Ave. and Beach Blvd.), gatehouse attendants, RFID sticker process (via O.C. Patrol).
  • Streets and Drives – Seabridge Village Lane (road/stops and signs) from one entrance to the other.
  • Pedestrian Gates – All exterior perimeter pedestrian gates at both entrances and along Beach Blvd., including the fire access gate (at Beach Blvd.).
  • Tennis Courts: The maintenance of the tennis courts, including lighting, fencing, including locks and keys.
  • Keys: The key for the perimeter pedestrian gates and the tennis court is the same key. If a replacement key is needed, please contact Community Care at Action Property Management.
  • Water Features: The water features located on the exterior portions of the entrances (before the main gates).
  • Landscape: The landscaping near and around the water features at the community entrances, as well as the center median landscape (trees and irrigation) along the entire length of Seabridge Village Lane.
  • Assessments: Assessments are paid to the Master Association as well as the sub-association where your home is located in accordance to the annual budget. Monthly assessment must be made separately to the appropriate association.
  • Management: Action Property Management / Community Manager; Martha Bryan or contact the Community Care Team for assistance via the Resident Portal.

Seabridge Villas is the sub-association located off of Beach Blvd, and before the waterway bridge. Please note, the Association has their own patrol service to monitor and enforce parking rules and regulation within their own Association. The association is also managed by Action Property Management. For assistance within any questions of concerns you may contact the Community Manager, Gabriel Guerrero, or the Community Care Team at Action Property Management.

Seabridge Village is the sub-association that is located between the waterway bridge towards Adams Ave. The Association has their own patrol service to monitor and enforce parking rules and regulation within their own Association. The Community Manager is Foxy Hudson, also with Action Property Management. Questions and concerns may be directed to the Manager or the Community Care Team for assistance.

Please be aware that each sub-association has their own amenities separate from each other and from the Master Association. The Master Association is not responsible for any concerns that may arise within your sub-association including your building and unit and assessment. All such matters must be directed to your specific Community Manager.


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